You can start the Child PIP mortality review process, before getting the software. Simply follow the steps below. If you’d like to receive the software and become part of the national Child PIP project please complete a Reply_Slip and send it to the National Co-ordinator (see Contact Us).

For Child PIP to be sustainably implemented, it is important to understand and recognise the fundamental components of the mortality audit process, to make a commitment to doing them the Child PIP way, and to assign responsibility to the key operational elements in Child PIP. The mortality review process is described in the following guideline: Child PIP Mortality Review Process. You could also download a mortality review meeting Agenda for use at your mortality review meetings. (Mortality Review Meeting Agenda)

It is important to download and fill out the checklist below as it will help you assess whether your hospital is ready to start Child PIP. When your hospital has satisfied all the areas on the checklist you should follow the steps below to get Child PIP up and running. (Checklist for making Child PIP happen) 

The updated Child PIP v3.1 child_pip_v3.1_training_and_reference_manual is now available which contains detailed infomation an all aspects of the programme.

1. Print out


2. Photocopy sufficient
- Monthly Deaths Registers - you require one per month
- Monthly Tally Sheets - you require one per month
- Child Death Data Capture Sheets - you require one per death
- Code Lists and Growth Charts, as needed by users - one set per user

3. Complete the Monthly Deaths Register for each month
- including all deaths from the 1st onwards
- give each child a Deaths Register No. (usually chronological per month e.g 1/03 would be the first death in March)
- complete as much information as possible from the ward’s registers, as the information may be needed when completing the DCS for any child where the folder has been lost
- this register is very useful for tracking deaths, folders and data entry

4. Complete a Child Death Data Capture Sheet (DCS) for each death
Complete a DCS within 24 hours of child’s death and in discussion with all care givers involved. Include a summary on the reverse side of the DCS, as this is most useful should a file go missing.
Involve as many doctors and nurses as possible when completing a child's DCS

5. Complete the Monthly Tally Sheet
- Use your ward’s Admissions Register
- For this process, it is very helpful if the headings in the ward’s Admissions Register include the age (or date of birth), the   weight category and discharge diagnosis for each admission
- Also, care needs to be taken to exclude “Transfers In” to the ward if they have already been counted as an “Admission” earlier   in their hospital stay 


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