The Saving Children reports give an overview of child mortality in South African hospitals, using the Child PIP mortality audit process to assess the quality of care that children receive in the South African health system. Through this process, problems are identified and solutions devised at local, provincial and national levels, which can lead to improvements in quality of care and ultimately to reduced in-hospital mortality for children. To read the reports, click on the links below.  

Saving Children 2012-2013, the latest report, was published in 2016. Click on the link below to download a copy or contact Mrs Cathy Bezuidenhout  if you would like a printed version.

If you would like to review some of the Child PIP Sites Reports from individual hospitals, follow the link and select the site by province. 


Additional Publications

"Every Death Counts: Saving the lives of mothers, babies and children in South Africa" (March 2008)



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