Child PIP assesses the quality of care children receive in the South African health system, through the process of death auditing. The programme provides the structure and tools for careful review of in-hospital paediatric deaths by:

  • Ensuring all deaths are identified
  • Assigning a cause to each death
  • Determining the social, nutritional and HIV context of each child who dies
  • Determining modifiable factors in the caring process for each child who died

Health workers collect and enter data onto the Child PIP software programme. The data is then analysed at local level, but also sent to a national database. Using this information, interventions at local, provincial and national level, can lead to improvements in quality of care and ultimately to a reduced case mortality among children. Child PIP includes all infants and children (up to 18 yrs), admitted into paediatric wards and is currently being used in more than 180 hospitals across South Africa.


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